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Doodles, Cosplay, and Prisma love.
Hi, I'm ARW and this is my art blog. I still don't know what I'm doing.

If anyone was wondering the Big Bean still exists and I am still distressed by it.

Totally gonna do that art giveaway btw

Some Klora doodles i finally got around to coloring.


If I had an art giveaway/sale, would you guys be interested?

Art requests?



An okay fuck-ton of simple shoulder movement references (per request).

Art requests?

I was cold and tired so i drew a floppy haired giraffe to cheer myself up.

I was upset one day so I drew Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon.

I’m actually in love with this.

Doodled Party King Thranduil for Tess

"What? What is it?"

"…Something’s in the house again…"

"Again? What good are stone walls if they can’t keep unwelcome guests out?"

"Are you going to start this argument now or are you going to grab a sword?"

I haven’t posted an Anamir piece in a while and that was unacceptable. Here, have some lovers quarreling while the Dwergi ransack Valerious Manor.

My little sister is as cruel and heartless as any fandom artist.

Speech bubbles read:

Nine: “Rose!”
Ten: “Rose!”
Eleven: “Amy? Rose? River? Anyone?”

Art Nouveau Anna by ARW1860

Art Nouveau Velsing by ARW1860